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Swimming Pool Electrical Repair

Swimming Pool Electrical Repair

Warning: Do not try to fix your swimming pool electrical needs on your own! The risk of electrocution, which will surely result in death, does not outweigh the reward. We need to emphasize that swimming pool electrical fixes are not standard or routine home repairs and improvements! Sadly, at Water Tex Pools, we read about swimming pool tragedies all too often! One such tragedy that occurs is people getting electrocuted while trying to change out a swimming pool light or perform a swimming pool electrical repair. It is not our aim to pass judgment on these kinds of tragedies, but all of them could have been avoided if the victim would have just called a professional like Water Tex Pools.

Tips for a Safe DIY Swimming Pool Electrical Fix

The best tip that we can give you if you are determined to attempt a fix like this on your own is to find the breaker in your home and make sure it is turned off first. Also, if your home is more than 25-years-old, you have a lot to consider.

25+ years ago, the codes were very different. They didn't require GFIs back then. Nowadays, if you build a pool, a GFI is required. A GFI is for safety. It's something that shuts off and prevents you from being electrocuted, especially when you are conducting with water. Find out if your house has a GFI (ground fault interrupter) before even attempting an electrical fix. All you have to do is search online to find countless stories of tragedies that could have easily been prevented if they just hired a professional swimming pool service company to perform their swimming pool electrical repair. Learn from the mistakes of others. Your life is more important than switching a light!

Another tip for individuals who are determined to perform their own swimming pool electrical repairs is to avoid getting into the water, if at all possible. Use a non-contact voltage tester. All you have to do is put this tool up against the pool wall, and it will beep, flash, and send an alert if electricity is still flowing inside of your pool.

Avoid a Tragedy, Call a Pro

The #1 rule of thumb is to let a professional take care of all of your swimming pool electrical needs. Of course, a lot of people want to do these so-called "minor repairs" by themselves, but please, learn from the mistakes of others! The risk isn't worth the payoff. Additionally, when you hire a professional pool service company like Water Tex Pools, our services are very affordable, especially if you contract us for weekly or bi-weekly pool maintenance. Then, you can take note of all the repairs and services that you need and just let our technicians know about them the next time they come to service your pool. This way, you'll never have to think twice about it, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool electrical repair is being performed by a highly trained professional who knows how to perform the repair safely and correctly.

Swimming Pool Electrical Repair

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