Your pool can get out of hand, so let The Pool Police get it back in line.

The Pool Police offer a variety of services year round to keep your pool and spa looking their best. When you enlist our team, you can rest assured that your pool is being properly treated and cared for by our staff of professionals. With years of experience in pool maintenance and repair we are capable of handling whatever major or minor areas your pool needs work. Take a look below to see how The Pool Police can dramatically change the enjoyment you’re getting out of your pool.


Pool Cleaning and Debris Clearing

Cleaning your pool regularly is a must for every home owner. There are hundreds of factors that can affect the overall look and usability of your pool, and proper management of its basic cleanliness is essential. We clean pools of all sizes, shapes and conditions and have the ability to turn your green, algae filled pool into a clear and beautiful body of water. Many homes that have heavy tree coverage or that experience wind regularly might have a need for a more thorough cleaning than others, and that is why we scrub, skim and vacuum your pool until it looks like new.


Pool Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

Your pool relies on one major piece of equipment year round—the filter system. Your filter system does the heavy lifting every day, filtering and refining the water in your pool so it is safe and enjoyable to swim in. Each filter has similar components, but getting your filter serviced by correctly means using professionals who are familiar with every make and model of filtration systems. We are experts when it comes to monitoring and servicing your pool’s filter, and want to ensure that every time you enjoy your pool it is clean and ready for use.


Chemical Inspection and Balancing

Anyone who owns a pool understands that a pool consists of far more than water. Your pool is safe to swim in because of the delicate balance of chemicals that keep you safe from bacteria and other unwanted elements. We are experts are evaluating and monitoring the chemical levels in your pool, and will adjust the concentration of certain chemicals as necessary. Chlorine and pH levels are critical to the enjoyment you get out of your pool, because without the proper balance of chemicals it’s simply not enjoyable to spend time in the water. If you are experiencing irritated eyes, itchy skin or your pool just looks cloudy, it’s time to call The Pool Police.



Pool Equipment Installation, Repair and Maintenance 

While a pool might seem simple in theory, there are actually a number of machines that keep it working properly. From pumps and motors to heaters and chlorination systems we have you covered. As soon as you start to experience issues with your pool equipment, call the experts at The Pool Police. In addition to keeping your pools equipment working properly, we also install and set up the control systems and timers that regulate your pool throughout the day.


Pool Repair and Leak Detection

Over time everything falls apart, even your pool. If you have noticed your pool has started to deteriorate, unwanted drainage has occurred or tile materials are starting to fall off, then you need to contact The Pool Police. We are professional and diligent when it comes to repairing pools because we understand the stress that it can cause to every pool owner. We will properly diagnose leaks, cracks or structural problems in your pool and discuss the best methods to correct them, before any work occurs.

The Pool Police provide a weekly service plan that is sure to keep your pool looking great.



Our weekly plan includes:

- Water inspection for proper chemical balance and decontamination

- Pump and equipment inspection to ensure proper function
- Pool clearing water skim
- Empty and clean basket catchers
- Wall brush and pool vacuum as required
- Removal of all debris
- Chemical adjustments as needed
- Inspecting and backwashing filters as needed


To find out about availability, get a quote or just ask a general question about our services please contact us directly by calling 623-824-4618.