"The Pool Police are the only police i want on my property unannounced.. when it comes to proper chemical balance and water quality, The Pool Police lay down the law! When it comes to apprehending suspected repairs to the pool, to make sure it is running at peak performance.. the Police show no mercy! They make sure my pool is a clean and safe environment for my family (and some neighbors).. when you see the police rolling down your street.. rest assure you'll be in good hands..

Thank you Pool Police!"   -Chris Haning


"For several years we struggled with hard water, cloudy water, and many trips to test water and buy supplies. But for years now, our pool has been flawless year round, day to day, and week to week. Jim and his folks do a great job. Brook, who handles billing, etc., has exceptional customer service skills. We highly recommend their service!"     - Paul Depres


"We bought our home in November 2016. A few days after we moved in, I came home from work and my kids said "the pool guy was here today". My response was "WTH? We don't have a pool guy!" The previous home owner had pre paid for pool service and despite selling the home to us the pool police finished out their contract! I was so impressed by their service, quality, and communication, I have continued service with them. I am proud to say that the pool police is "my pool guy". They make owning a pool so easy. With our busy lives; pool maintenance isn't even a thought in my mind because "my pool guy" has it covered."    – Justin Fouche


"Jim and Brook are amazing! Our pool always looks great, emailed service records and auto billing are convenient, communication is top notch. We've been extremely happy with the Pool Police and would highly recommend them!"    - Kristen Clay Farrell


"My pool is always crystal clear and beautiful thanks to Jim. I love that he is so reliable. I never have to call to find out when he's going to be there. He is there every week reliably."     – Barbara Rutledge


"I love this team!! I knew absolutely nothing about pools and The Pool Police saved me. They are affordable and are awesome at communication. (Even after hours when you have questions)"  - Janet Farmer


"Thank you we have found someone who is very reliable and has helped us understand everything needed regarding the pool"  - Georgina Bradbury


"Jim and Brook are real down to earth people and the service is great! Would recommend to anyone!!"   -Sonya Fields


"Absolutely the best!! Family owned and operated and I always try to shop local but sometimes get disappointed, THEY WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!! Thx again Jim and Brooke for keeping our pool in tip top shape!!!!

Highly recommend"   - Travis Milsap


"The Pool Police have done an AWESOME job taking care of our pool! I would recommend them to ANYONE who needs a good pool service! THANK YOU POOL POLICE!"     - Debra Hernandez Joyce


:-   )

"Jim is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
I originally hired a different company.......very bad mistake. Jim came out fixed all of the issues and damage done by the fraudulent pool guy and has my pool in TOP SHAPE. He has made suggestions and changes that have not only saved me money, but have extended the life of my equipment. The Price is Beyond Fair especially with this level of attention. Jim Foti is KNOWLEDGEABLE,FAIR,HONEST & A REALLY FUNNY GUY!!! Old school Hard Working Dude. As long as I own a pool The Pool Police � will be my service. Also the real Boss of the Company.......Brook Foti is So detailed and professional. The Foti's are the Best! You HAVE TO HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!"   - Ernie Branch


"The Pool Police are very efficient, courteous and respectful. They always keep me informed if there is a change in scheduling and they are very competitive in pricing."    – Terisa Sam


"I recommend The Pool Police for your pool service needs. Staff are very friendly and professional. They get it done right. Thank you for pool service"   - Joseph Garcia


"I wanted to thank you guys so much! My pool is running better and has never looked so good! I wish we would have met you years ago. You guys are awesome and we would recommend you to everyone we know that has a pool!"     - M     - Melissa Twaddle

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